About the artist

My name is Roshay. I am Panamanian and spent my childhood in three different countries. After completing my secondary education, I moved to France where I earned a degree in Fashion Design in ESMOD. Now, I reside in Spain, where my DOXHÉ creations come to life.

Being far away from home during my studies in ESMOD allowed me to really appreciate my roots, but also to learn and appreciate other cultures. Eventually my appreciation and fascination for other cultures grew, especially for those that many don’t even know exist whether that is a tribe found in the depths of the Amazon forrest or in Ethiopia´s Omo Valley.

My sources of inspirations are mainly the common forms of beauty expression found among many remote tribes across the globe: Body paintings, tattoos, scarification, piercings, etc. In addition, I love sharing knowledge on the beliefs and ways of life of these various ethnic groups. These cultural elements along with other inspirations are fused to create a new identity that is DOXHÉ.