About the brand

DOXHÉ is an artisanal leather accessories brand based in Spain. All products are handmade by our founder/creative director, Roshay, in her studio. Growing up as an Afro-Panamanian and having spent her life between the United States, Germany, Panama and France, Roshay’s curiosity for other ways of life, other landscapes, and other representations of beauty grew immensely. This curiosity along with traditional leather crafting techniques became the inspiration behind the brand.

DOXHÉ is a celebration of vast tribal cultures, nature and its dualities, and music.

All combined to create a new identity.

To reduce waste, we focus on providing highly durable products. This is why we choose to create our luxury items with full grain vegetable tanned leather, a material that we source nationally and in limited amounts. This is the highest quality leather known for having a lifespan that can reach next generations. In addition, this material allows us to use specific leather crafting techniques such as stamping, carving and pyrography. Products are made-to-order so that you can enjoy a freshly made luxury item just for you.